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Southwest Florida Home Financing

If you’re like most people, you’ll want to secure home financing for your new construction in Cape Coral. Whether you’re looking at building with Ravenwood Home or Gulf Living Homes, chances are you don’t have the total purchase price available in liquid cash. Then again, you may want to keep your nest egg intact and take advantage of the tax advantages that come with carrying a mortgage. That means finding a trustworthy new construction mortgage company in Cape Coral offering home financing at good rates.

Fortunately, we have several new construction loan and home mortgage companies in Cape Coral that we are comfortable working with. They know the quality of our product and are happy to work with you to develop a solution that’s tailor-made to your particular home financing needs. Cape Coral’s top custom home builder only recommends mortgage companies that meet our stringent criteria.

Over the past decade-plus, we’ve built valuable relationships with many lenders. They’re able to offer a variety of new construction loans in Cape Coral, from conventional to FHA and VA loans. Also, it’s worth noting that a great majority of custom or semi-home construction is financed through loans that cover that initial construction cost and then convert to more traditional home financing. Our Cape Coral new construction loan partners are established Southwest Florida mortgage companies accustomed to such arrangements and offer the flexible terms and competitive rates you want.